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We all like and need encouraging words -- public servants included. We at The Grateful Texan want sending those encouraging words to be easy, fun, and highly effective.


Our Mission:     Encourage and support liberty-minded officials, especially at the State level, to hold fast to conservative, Constitutional principles with integrity.
What we do:     Equip ordinary citizens – us – to send positive, timely appreciation to public servants who act with integrity and conservative principles.
We will:

1. Highlight officials who defend liberty, and make their contact information readily available.

2. Send short texts and/or emails on a daily or weekly basis (your choice), with a specific reason to encourage, appreciate and/or celebrate an exemplary public servant – especially those on our focus list. We’ll suggest wording, but you're free to speak – or not – as you wish.


So you can:


1. Take a few seconds when our short text or email arrives to applaud or congratulate that person with a postcard or note.


Join our free Text/Email list NOW. Do you prefer:


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by text or email from "The Grateful Texan" or "TPPEC".)


2. Put that postcard, handwritten note, typed letter, or card in the mail with a prayer that the recipient be faithful, bold and effective.



One more thing, friends. We'd be remiss if we didn't share the amazing tool we use to make sending cards easy and fun. Give it a try - free! You may come to love it as much as we do:


                         Watch the 1-minute video here.

                         Send your first card FREE here!


Putting appreciation in action is as close as your hand, in a convenient phone app provided by third-party SendOutCardsR. This proven, wireless technology lets you create or customize REAL cards on your smart phone or tablet. SendOutCards'R automated system then prints, addresses, stuffs, stamps, and delivers your card directly to the US post office. We call that Real cards, real convenience, really fast!


But SendOutCards is on the web, too. Computer users, click the link and choose "Send your first card FREE" (above).  Make your FREE, postage-paid note of gratitude to someone you appreciate. Next, Subscribe so you can easily stay in touch with those who need to hear from you - especially our liberty-minded public servants. Help make them - and Texas - stronger by sharing encouragement and gratitude today.


Note: Your beautiful cards arrive by first class mail, so you'll need a mailing address.

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